Cute Unique Baby Boy Names, Cool And Meaningful


Giving you baby boys with cute unique baby boy names can be one of many action in the early period of your baby boy’s life that shows your care and attention to him because name is indeed thing or stuff that sticks with him for his entire life. For that, here are cute names for baby boys which are worthy to try because those names are not only unique but have meanings that you can tell him later when he grows up.

cute names for baby boys

Cute Names That Are Worth with Its Meanings

First, go with Rexton which means as one of Rex variant that has meaning as Lord, chieftan or King. Cute boy baby names are of course worth with the superb meaning like King that refers to person that rules everything, own everything. This meaning can be so suitable for your baby boy because Rexton is not only cute but cool, then it is eligible as one of cute names for baby boys that can be pray for your baby later as he will grow to be as tough, strong and wise like a King.

Second, of course that Jacob is one of cute boy baby names which are so popular. Jacob can be cited as one of cute names for baby boys because it is not only cute, but cool and so meaningful. Jacob was originated from Hebrew, a West Semitic language from the family of Afroasiatic language. It has meaning supplanter that refers to a boy with strong and biblical name that has cool nickname, Jake. You even can find that this name is so popular for how the character of Jacob in Twilight Saga played by Taylor Lautner is so famous.

Unique Cute Mixed Names That Are Totally Cool

Third, cute unique baby boy names can be so cool with Jayden. This is one of cute mixed baby names that were originated from American that has meaning as form of Jaden. Actually, it is a mix of Jaden and Aiken as how there are some popular celebrities like Britney Spears and the married couple Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith who gave name for their first son, Jaden Smith. Still, the trendy vowel (“y”) to their names so that this trends was so popular. This is indeed one of cute mixed baby names which came from Irish origin Aiden and Hebrew origin Jaden.

Fourth, go with Noah as name that represents the name of famous prophet in Bible, Noah. Noah is indeed one of cute boy baby names which are also cool and meaningful. Instead of going with cute mixed baby names, this name that is originated from Hebrew language has meaning of rest and peace, for how from the story of Noah and the ark that represents the preservation of all living creatures.

Fifth, go with cute names that come with many great varied meanings and Kai can be your first option. Kai is actually originated from Polynesian or Hawaiian that has meaning of ocean. Others, you can find other nice meanings like everything good in a person, then huggable, lovable, smart, talented and romantic with cute unique baby boy names.